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John and his team has been an external partner of Imaret S.A. for the past 6 years holding the position of our hotel’s Content Creator. His communication and people skills are excellent, making it a pleasure to work with him on each and every project.

gloria missirian
Gloria Nevart Missirian (gloria.missirian@ehl.ch) Imaret Hotel owner

With his exceptional skills and attention to detail, John and his team has been able to capture the festival's highlights and key moments, from the vibrant performances to the lively crowd, in a way that truly brings the event to life. His ability to tell a story through his work is a testament to his talent and professionalism.

Alkis Zopoglou (director@cosmopolisfestival.gr) Artistic Director of Cosmopolis Festival

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“We believe in powerful advertising and ideas that drive people to think and feel differently. Creativity is the center of our work, but it is never by chance. Advertising is passion and we are passionate about helping a brand grow.”

John Tekeridis