👋 Hello

Hello, we are microfilming. We create short-form content that is easy to consume and lives on Social Media.

For the aspirational perfectionists that wants better than usual photography and videography. Our goals to help our clients achieve their desires, leave with beautiful photographs, and trust us enough to come back, are stronger than ever.

01. Hotels & Airbnbs

High-quality photography is the highlight of every marketing campaign. It will enhance your brand and maximize the presentation of each individual property.

02. Fashion

Professional photoshoots for your personal or business brand. 

03. Beauty Industry – Aesthetician

Professional photoshoots for your personal or business brand

04. Food and Beverage

Working with eFood gave us the opportunity to explore the food photography in studio environment

05. Events

We offer professional event videography services to capture the moments you won’t want to forget at any special occasion

06. Manifesto

We believe in powerful advertising and ideas that drive people to think and feel differently. Creativity is the center of our work, but it is never by chance. Advertising is passion and we are passionate about helping a brand grow